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Welcome to The Erudite Platypus, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content about teaching computer science in middle school. I selected the name The Erudite Platypus as I am shy, diverse, rare, yet real. Many people compare Computer Science teachers to unicorns because you never see them. We are just rare not mythical! Explore my site and all that I have to offer.  Perhaps The Erudite Platypus will ignite your passions as well.

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February Birthdays of Note in the Field of Cryptology/CS

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

1 February

1) Johannes Trithemius (1492), author of Seganographia, a series of 3 volumes that cover cryptology and steganography

2) Ann Zeilinger Caracristi, first woman to be NSA Deputy Director. She solved Japanese Army codes in WWII.

2 February

Ralph Merkle, inventor of cryptographic hashing and co-invented public key cryptography

3 February

Ronald Cramer, known for the Cramer-Shoup encryption scheme that he developed with Victor Shoup.

6 February

Charles Wheatstone, the actual creator of the Playfair cipher

7 February

Max Newman-British codebreaker who worked on several projects at Bletchley Park during WWII.

14 February

Leo Battista Alberti, created the Alberti cipher, the 1st polyalphabetic cipher

21 February

Lars Ramkide Knudsen introduced the technique of impossible differential cryptanalysis and integral cryptanalysis

26 February

Tony Randall, Actor, comedian, singer AND worked at the Signal Intelligence Service (the code-breaking branch of the United States Army Signal Corps) in WWII

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