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Welcome to The Erudite Platypus, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content about teaching computer science in middle school. I selected the name The Erudite Platypus as I am shy, diverse, rare, yet real. Many people compare Computer Science teachers to unicorns because you never see them. We are just rare not mythical! Explore my site and all that I have to offer.  Perhaps The Erudite Platypus will ignite your passions as well.

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March Birthdays of Note in the Field of Cryptology/CS

2 March

On this day in 1971, Colonial Parker Hitt died. No birthday for Colonial Hitt is recorded but he is known to have been born in 1878. He wrote the "manual for the Solution of Military Cipher" in 1915.

7 March

Philips of Marnix, Lord of Sait-Aldegonde considered the first Dutch cryptographer.

9 March

In 1395 Giovanni Fontana was born. He used a cryptographic system to write "Secretum de Thesauro Experimentorum Ymaginationis Hominum".

12 March

Birthday for Helmut Veith, an Austrian computer scientist who worked on the areas of computer-aided verification, software engineering, computer security, and logic in computer science.

14 March

Grzegorz Rozenberg a Polish Dutch computer scientist. His primary research areas are natural computing, formal language and automata theory, graph transformations, and concurrent systems.

16 March

Arthur Lockwood Wagner-a U.S. brigadier general and military instructor. He published the first American work on intelligence, "The Service of Security and Information".

22 March

Neil D. Jones, an American computer scientist. His work spans both programming languages and the theory of computation. In the field of programming languages, he is particularly known for his work on partial evaluation and for pioneering work within both data-flow analysis, control-flow analysis and termination analysis. Within the theory of computation, he was among the pioneers of the study of Log-space reductions and P-completeness

23 March

On this date in 1882, the Secretary of Navy established the Office of Intelligence.

27 March

Nigel de Grey's birthday. He worked in Room 40 and helped decrypt the Zimmerman Telegram. He also worked at Bletchley Park.

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